Applications of Database Systems - Notes

Course Outline

ER Modeling

ER Modeling 1

ER Modeling 2

ER Modeling 3

ER Modeling 4

Bill of Material

MS Access 2007

Ch1: Introduction to Access

Ch2: Relational databases and multi-table queries

Ch3: Customize, analyze, and summarize query data

Ch4: Create, edit, and perform calculations in reports


Ch5 (in Access 2003): One-to-Many Relationships: Subforms and Multiple Table Queries

Ch6: Data protection: integrity, validation, and reliability

Ch7: Advanced queries: using queries to change data

Ch10: Macros and Visual basic for applications

Some Visual basic programs

Appendix A: Toolbars

Appendix B: Designing a Relational Database

About Normalization

Normalization for Relational Databases

Questions concerning Normalization

About Join operations



Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Assignment #4

HMO datasheets


Experiment 1

  1. exp07_a01_cpt_warranty.accdb
  2. exp07_a01_cpt_warranty_sol.accdb
Experiment 2

  1. Students Excele WorkSheet
  2. Actions Excele WorkSheet
Experiment 3

  1. exp07_a03_cpt_movie.accdb
  2. exp07_a03_cpt_movie_sol.accdb
  3. exp07_a03_case_data.accdb
  4. exp07_a03_case_sol.accdb
Experiment 4

  1. exp07_a04_cpt_payroll.accdb
  2. exp07_a04_cpt_payroll_sol.accdb
Experiment 5

  1. exp07_a06_cpt_member.accdb
  2. exp07_a06_cpt_member_sol.accdb
Experiment 6

Experiment 7

Experiment 8

Experiment 9

Answers to Midterm Exam.

ER-Diagram for teams and games

Sample Question for Final Exam.


Final Review