Database Application Development - Notes

Course Outline

ER Modeling

ER Modeling 1

ER Modeling 2

ER Modeling 3

ER Modeling 4

Bill of Material

MS ACCess 2003

Ch1: Introduction

Ch2: Tables and Forms

Ch3: Information from the database: Reports and Queries

Ch4: Relational Databases, External Data, Charts, and the Switchboard


Ch5: One-to-Many Relationships: Subforms and Multiple Table Queries

Ch6: Many-to-Many Relationships: A More Complex System

Ch7: Building Applications: The Switchboard, Macros, and Prototyping

Ch8: Creating More Powerful Applications: Introduction to VBA

Appendix A: Toolbars

Appendix B: Designing a Relational Database

About Normalization

Normalization for Relational Databases

Questions concerning Normalization

About Join operations



Experiment 1

Experiment 2

Experiment 3

Experiment 4

Experiment 5

Experiment 6

Experiment 7

Experiment 8

Experiment 9

HMO datasheets

Sample Question for Final Exam.


Final Review