A. Stefan Dodds: RESEARCH

Recent Publications

Dodds, Stefan. 2012. Redistributive Taxation with Heterogenous Relative Consumption Concerns. Canadian Journal of Economics, 45(1), 220-246.

Dodds, Stefan and Chetan Dave. 2012. Nosy Preferences, Benevolence and Efficiency. Southern Economic Journal, 78(3), 878-894.

Dodds, Stefan and Mati Dubrovinsky. 2014. Retail Amenities and Urban Sprawl. Journal of Regional Science, 55(2), 280-297.

Current Work

"Rights, Frames and The Entitlement Effect" (with Sheryl Ball and Chetan Dave)

"Test Taking and the Timing of Disclosure"

"Security-Provision vs. Privacy-Invasion: A Political Economy Approach"

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

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