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1. The impact of timber harvesting on forest ecosystem health in black spruce forests in eastern Manitoba, aspen forests in western Manitoba, and jack pine forests in southern Manitoba using arthropods and plants as indicators of diversity between unmanaged and harvested forests.

Funding supporters: Pine Falls Paper Company (Tembec Inc.), Louisiana Pacific Canada, NSERC, Canadian Forest Service, University of Winnipeg (CFIR - Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research), Manitoba Conservation and Manitoba Hydro.
Collaborator: Dr. N. Holliday, U. of Manitoba.
Graduate/Undergraduate Honour's students: Lisa Capar (MSc), Jeff Shaddock (MSc), and Kathleen Ryan (MSc), Catherine Ivory.
Undergraduate students: Jackie Le Gal, John Warkentin, Eva Walker, Erica Young, Sean Mulvey, Keri LaFrance, Karen Skibo, Mason Kulbaba, Brin Jones, and Debra Wytrykush.

2. Impact of emissions from a coal-fired electricity generating station on the health of forests in south-central Manitoba.

Funding supporters: Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Conservation.
Collaborator: Dr. J. Tardif, U. of Winnipeg
Graduate student: Rachel Boone (MSc).
Undergraduate students: Jon Warkentin and Karen Skibo.

3. Use of butterflies as bioclimate indicators of climate change in the boreal forest of eastern Manitoba.

Funding supporters: Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund and the National Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Directorate, Earth Sciences Sector, Environment Canada.
Undergraduate students: Eva Walker and Nancy Dewar.


4. Determination of insect pollination strategies for the endangered Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in the Tall Grass Prairie Reserve at Vita, Manitoba.

Funding supporters: Manitoba Sustainable Development Fund, Manitoba Conservation - Conservation Data Centre, World Wildlife Fund and the Manitoba Orchid Society.
Collaborator: Dr. J. Tardif, U. of Winnipeg
Graduate/undergraduate Honour's students: Christie Borowsky (MSc) and Christopher Friesen (MSc), Karen Budnick.
Undergraduate students: Jaimee Dupont, Amanda Dumont and Alana Westwood.


5. The effect of fire on conifer regeneration dynamics of boreal mixedwood stands and the role of exposed mineral soil seedbeds from windthrow and uprooting.

Funding supporters: NSERC, Manitoba Hydro and Pine Falls Paper Company (Tembec Inc.).
Collaborator: Dr. G. Wang, Clemson University.
Graduate student: Kevin Kemball (PhD).
Undergraduate students: Mason Kulbaba, and Sheri Streilein.


6. Development of alternate technologies for suppression of defoliating insects on urban street and park trees and impacts of urban forests on insect diversity in residential and commercial areas.

Undergraduate Honour's students: Keri LaFrance and Candice Grant.
Undergraduate students: Kris Watts, Stephanie Janz, Lyndsay Decock and Alana Westwood

7. The role of urban tree street cover on the survival and breeding of West Nile vector mosquitoes in street catch basins.

Funding supporters:Manitoba Department of Health.
Collaborator: Dr. T. Galloway, U. of Manitoba.
Graduate student: Andrea Thompson (MSc.).
Undergraduate students: Deanna Petrash and Alana Westwood.

8. The effects of Mimic bioinsecticide applications on the biodiversity of non-target Lepidoptera in boreal forest ecosystems.

Funding supporters: Manitoba Hydro, Dow Canada and Manitoba Conservation.
Collaborator: Dr. N. Holliday, U. of Manitoba.
Graduate student: Diana Saunders (MSc).
Undergraduate students: Monika Thiessen, Brin Jones, Heather Tomkins and Joe Ackerman.

9. Biology and ecology of endangered butterfly and moth species (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in Manitoba: including re-introduction, habitat conservation and enhancement research.

Graduate students/Undergraduate Honour's students: Jaimee Dupont (MSc), C-Jae Morden, and Lara Bates.
Undergraduate students: Deanna Petrash, Erica Young, Amanda Dumont, David Christianson, Lindsay Decock, Kristen Adair and Alana Westwood.


10. The impacts of livestock grazing on aspen regeneration in mixed wood boreal forests.

Funding supporters: Louisiana Pacific Canada, Manitoba Hydro, NSERC, University of Winnipeg (CFIR - Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research), and Manitoba Conservation.
Collaborator: Dr. A. Park, U. of Winnipeg.
Graduate student Jeff Renton (MSc).
Undergraduate students: David Christianson, Lyndsay Decock, and Alana Westwood.


11. The Moths of Manitoba

A sequel to The Butterflies of Manitoba. In progress.

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