Grade Sheet

Written Report–Laboratory #9

I. Content (60%)

A. Introduction
  1. Rationale and Purpose
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Alternative Hypothesis
  4. Summary of Procedure

B. Method
  1. Participants
  2. Procedure
   a. Operational Definition
   b. Description of Conditions

 C. Results
  1. Evidence for Reliable Measurement
  2. Data Summary (Table/Graph)
  3. Statistical Analysis

 D. Discussion
  1. Summary of Results
  2. Causes of Group Differences
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Observation
II. Writing Style (15%)

 A. Organization
 B. Coherence
 C. Spelling and Grammar

III. APA Style (25%)

 A. Title Page
 B. Abstract
 C. Section Headings
 D. References
 E. Appendix: Statistics
 F. Tables/Graphs

Psychology with Style

Internet site for APA writing style; provides an outline of an APA style research paper and examples of paper components (e.g., title page, etc.).