Jie Zhou

My research interests are in household finance, pensions and retirement savings.


Journal Publications


.      Intraday Price Jumps, Market Liquidity, and the Magnet Effect of Circuit Breakers, International Review of Economics and Finance, 2020, 70: 168-186.  (with Zhihong Jian, Zhican Zhu, and Shuai Wu)  (PDF) 


.      Household Stock Market Participation during the Great Financial Crisis, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2020, 75: 265-275.  (PDF)


.      Review of Pension Systems and Old-Age Income Support in East and Southeast Asia by Donghyun Park, Singapore Economic Review, 2013, 58(2). 


.      Life-cycle Stock Market Participation in Taxable and Tax-deferred Accounts, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2012, 36(11): 1814-1829.  (PDF)


.      New Evidence on Asset Location from the Survey of Consumer Finances, Public Finance Review, 2011, 39(4): 594-615.  (with Yothin Jinjarak)  (PDF) 


.      Why Did the Private Business Equity Share Fall in Canada? Eastern Economic Journal, 2011, 37(2): 197-213.  (PDF)


.      The Asset Location Puzzle: Taxes Matter, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2009, 33(4): 955-969.  (PDF)


.      The Effects of Employer Matching and Income Risk in 401(k) Plans, Economic Modelling, 2009, 26(6): 1193-1200.  (PDF)


Other Publications


.      Indebted Households and Potential Vulnerabilities for the Canadian Financial System: A Microdata Analysis, Financial System Review, Bank of Canada, 2015.  (with Gino Cateau and Tom Roberts)   (link) 

            - featured in former Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz's opening statement of his press release of the Financial System Review in 2015

            - featured in Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Larry Lawrence' speech at Guelph Chamber of Commerce in 2016


.      The Residential Mortgage Market in Canada: A Primer, Financial System Review, Bank of Canada, 2013.  (with Allan Crawford and Cesaire Meh)   (link) 


.      Saving and Wealth: The Adequacy of Household Saving in Canada, The Canadian Economy in Transition Series, Catalogue no. 11-622-M-No. 029, Statistics Canada, 2013.  (with Huju Liu and Yuri Ostrovsky)   (link) 


Currently Working On


.      Debt and Financial Vulnerability in Older Canadian Households


.      Household Portfolio Choice Before and After a House Purchase,  with Ran S. Lyng.  (PDF) 


.      Mortgage Run-offs and Household Portfolio Choice: A Regression Discontinuity in Time Analysis, with John Kennes and Ran S. Lyng