James Townsend


University of Winnipeg

Department of Economics


Winter 2019


Selected Publications:

·       Pandey, Manish and James Townsend (2016) “Prior Host-Country Work Experience and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Canada” IZA Journal of Migration, 6(1)

·       Pandey, Manish and James Townsend (2013) “Provincial nominee programs: An Evaluation of the Earnings and Settlement Rates of Nominees.” Canadian Public Policy, 39(4)

·       Pandey, Manish and James Townsend (2011) “Quantifying the Effects of the Provincial Nominee Programs” Canadian Public Policy, 37(4)

·       Tom Carter, Manish Pandey and James Townsend (2010) “The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: Attraction, Integration and Retention of ImmigrantsIRPP Study 10

·       David A.Green and James Townsend (2010) “Understanding the Wage Patterns of Canadian Less Skilled Workers: The Role of Implicit Contracts.” Canadian Journal of Economics 43(1)

·       Townsend, James (2007) “Do Tariff Reductions Affect Wages of Workers in Protected Industries? Evidence From the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement.”  Canadian Journal of Economics 40(1)


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