Grade 6: Three stages examples

Order of operations (6.N.9)
Primes & composites (6.N.3)
Factors & multiples (6.N.3)
Meaning of percent (6.N.6)
Numerical patterns (6.PR.1 & 6.PR.2)
First quadrant Coordinate system (6.SS.8)
Classifying triangles (6.SS.4)
Area of rectangle (6.SS.3)
Volume of rectangular prism (6.SS.3)
Angle size (6.SS.1)
Sum of interior angles (6.SS.2)
Line graphs (6.SP.1)
Quantifying probability (6.SP.4)
Grade 5: Three stages examples

Equivalent fractions (5.N.7)
Whole number multiplication (5.N.5)
Whole number division (5.N.6)
Numerical patterns (5.PR.1)
Probability (5.SP.3 & 5.SP.4)

Integer addition (7.N.6)
Integer subtraction (7.N.6)
Divisibility tests (7.N.1)
Solving percent problems (7.N.3)
Fraction add & subtract (7.N.5)
Numerical patterns (7.PR.1 & 7.PR.2)
Solving simple equations (7.PR.6 & 7.PR.7)
Circumference relationships (7.SS.1)
Area of triangle (7.SS.2)
Area of Circle (7.SS.2)
Probability (7.SP.4 & 7.SP.5 & 7.SP.6)
Circle Graph (7.SP.3)
Outlier effect on mean, medium, mode (7.SP.2)
Grade 7: Three stages examples
Grade 8: Three stages examples

Pythagorean theorem (8.SS.1)
Fraction multiplication (8.N.6)
Fraction division (8.N.6)
Solving linear equations (8.PR.2)
Surface area of rectangular prism (8.SS.3)
Surface area of cylinder (8.SS.3)
5-8 Outcomes
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