Call for Papers for the 36th Annual

Prairie Undergraduate Research Conference

Information for Presenters


The abstract for a spoken presentation or poster presentation should be no more than 250 words in length.

Spoken Presentations

Speakers will have 10 minutes for their presentation, and there will be an additional 5 minutes for questions. Rooms are fitted with overhead projectors and equipment for powerpoint presentations (Windows-based machines with Powerpoint-2000). Presenters using powerpoint should (1) consider whether Powerpoint is the best tool for such short presentations, (2) test the equipment before the presentation, and (3) consider backup overheads, just in case.

Poster Presentations

People presenting posters will have a 45 x 35 inch surface on which to mount their material. Velcro strips will be provided for mounting. Poster boards will be numbered and posters should be mounted on the board corresponding to your space in the program. Posters should be mounted at the start of the conference (approximately 9am) and one or more post presenters should be present at the display during the morning coffee break.

Deadline: April 14, 2017