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Douglas B. Craig



B.Sc. (1988) Mount Allison
Ph.D. (1993) Dalhousie
Post-Doc: Manitoba (1993-1994), Alberta (1994-1997)

phone: 204 786 9731
fax: 204 774 2401

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Research Interests
Chemical studies typically involve measurements of large ensembles of molecules with data representing averages. With respect to enzymes, we now know such average values represent a simplification. Single enzyme molecule assay utilizing ultrasensivitive capillary electrophoresis laser-induced fluorescence instrumentation have demonstrated that individual enzyme molecules are not identical. Individual molecules differ with respect to rate and activation energy of catalysis. My research interests are in the study of the basis and function of the heterogeneity of enzyme molecules and its role within the cell. A second interest is the development of ultrasensitive methods for the analysis of biological molecules, particulary enzymes and proteins.

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Lab photos
The Richardson College of the Environment and Sciences Building.
We moved into our new building during the summer of 2011.

This is my lab.

Same lab, different angle.

Top view of 1 of the 3 capillary electrophoresis instruments in my lab.

A couple more images of the same instrument.
This instrument has a single detector.

Instruments use laser-induced fluorescence detection.
We have both red (633 nm) and green (543 nm)
helium-neon lasers, and two solid state lasers (407 and 446 nm).

The other 2 instruments have 2 detectors. This allows us to
detect two different fluorophores independently at the same time.

We have started adding some basic molecular biology to our research.
We have equipment for PCR, running agarose gels, and various
incubators to let us clone and do a bit of mutagenesis.

...and of course what would a chemistry lab be
without a fume hood?

January 2015
Anna, Ankoor, Jeremie, Doug, Joanna

Killing Jeremie
Ankoor looks on approvingly

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