Anna Stokke

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
The University of Winnipeg,
515 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 2E9

Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Winnipeg

Cofounder of the advocacy group WISE Math

Cofounder of the non-profit organization Archimedes Math Schools

Provided it fits my schedule, I am available to speak to K-8 teachers, administrators or school boards in the Winnipeg area about teaching mathematics. I have also given presentations to the general public or professional organizations (eg. engineers, chemists) about math education issues. Please contact me with speaking requests. Some of my qualifications are listed below.

  • I have a PhD in math and am an award-winning teacher.
  • I have been teaching mathematics at the university level for almost 20 years.
  • I regularly teach elementary school children as a volunteer at Archimedes Math Schools, which is a non-profit organization that I co-founded.
  • I plan all lessons and supervise the teachers at Archimedes Math Schools as a volunteer.
  • My colleagues and I worked with Manitoba Education to make improvements to the Manitoba math curriculum.
  • I have also given presentations to teachers at individual school PD days.
  • I am a regular contributor for the Globe and Mail's education coverage.