Group Members

Group Members
Group in Feb 2015: Gabriel Chernitsky, Brad Cownden, Allison Kolly, myself (l-r)
Photo Credit: Naniece Ibrahim, used with permission

Samantha Taylor
2017-18 Honours Thesis: Connecting Direct & Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
Yibo Zhong
2017 Summer Research: Effective Field Theories of Heavy Dark Matter (MITACS Globalink Research Intern)
Apoorva Sinha
2017 Summer Research: Thermodynamics of String Subsystems (MITACS Globalink Research Intern)
Brett Meggison
2016-18 Masters in Science: nPI Solution of QED3
Mitul Patel
2016-18 Masters in Science: Modeling Inflation in String Theory
Anindya Banerjee
2016 Summer Research: Thermodynamics of String Subsystems (MITACS Globalink Research Intern)
Subsequently: Rutgers University Physics PhD program
Raphael Hoult
2016-17 Summer Research & Honours Thesis: Stability of Anti–de Sitter Spacetime (NSERC USRA)
Phil Gregoryanz
2013-14 Honours Thesis: "Pinnochio Inflation" in String Theory
Gabriel Chernitsky
2013 & 2015 Summer Research: Dark Matter Signals in Satellite Galaxies of the Milky Way (NSERC USRA)
2014 Summer Research: Non-Abelian Dark Matter Models for X-ray and Positron Production (NSERC USRA)
2014-15 Honours Thesis: Boltzmann Equations for Dark Matter Decoupling and Kinetic Freezeout
Subsequently: McGill University Physics MSc program
Nils Deppe & Allison Kolly
2013-14 Summer Research: Stability of Anti–de Sitter Space in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity, arXiv (co-supervised with Gabor Kunstatter)
Subsequently: Cornell University Physics PhD program (Deppe)
          McGill University Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences MSc program (Kolly)
Jared Enns
2013 Summer Research: Dark Radiation from Dark Matter Annihilation
2013-14 Honours Thesis: Relative Abundances of Multi-Species Dark Matter
Subsequently: McMaster University Physics MSc (2016), NAIT Edmonton
Brad Cownden
Interview 3 April 2018 on UMFM radio
2012-2014 Masters in Science: Dimensional Reduction for D3-brane Moduli, arXiv
2015-? Doctor of Philosophy: Gravitational Collapse in AdS/CFT
Nick Reid
2012 Summer Research: Cosmic microwave background constraints on dark matter models of the Galactic center 511 keV signal, arXiv
2013 Summer Research & Honours Thesis: Particle Physics Models of Dark Matter and Possible Detection at 130 GeV
Currently: Canadian Forces
Tim Chau
2012 Summer Research: Gravitational Collapse and Thermalization in AdS (co-supervised with Gabor Kunstatter)
Subsequently: University of Minnesota engineering program
James Roberts
2011-12 Honours Thesis & Summer Research: The dimensional reduction and Kähler metric of forms in flux and warping, arXiv
Subsequently: HUB International Insurance