My DnD Links

My DnD Creations

General info sites
WOTC DnD, 4e & 3e archive
EN World forums, etc
Paizo Publishing
EN World RPGNow storefront
Dragonsfoot, older edition
Wolfgang Baur's Free City, including Kobold Quarterly
Le Valet D'Coeur, FLGS

References & Resources
DnD Adventures
Crystalkeep d20 Index
Google RPG coop
Hypertext SRD
D&D database
DM Tools, stat blocks, etc.
NPC Wiki
D&D Wiki
Basements & Lizards, summoning lists
EN World's Creature Catalog
System Reference Documents w/ Sovelior & Sage
Pathfinder Reference Document from Paizo
d20 Pathfinder SRD
Pathfinder Database, fan content

Forgotten Realms pages
Candlekeep, huge repository
FR Portal
Raflar the Wanderer's Realms, including a Waterdeep city guide
Al-Qadim, "Middle-Eastern" setting, on the Zakhara continent
Dandello's Realms Helps, tools and lists
Forgotten Realms Wiki

Important Personages
Monte Cook
Andy Collins (links to Gwendolyn Kestrel)
Sean K. Reynolds
Eric L. Boyd
Mike Mearls, his blog
Darrin Drader's blog
see also blogs & newsletters

RPG blogs & newsletters
Gnome Stew GM's blog
Jonathan Drain's D20 Source
Roleplaying Tips
Jeff's GameBlog
Wolfgang Baur's blog
Erik Mona's Live Journal
Giant in the Playground comics etc.
Iridia ezine

EL Calculator (local copy)
Dream Weaved Worlds, free dungeon tiles, etc
Kev's Lounge, counters and tiles
Dingle's games generators
Monster advancer
RPG Attitude, NPC Designer

Other setting pages
Canonfire!, Greyhawk
Online Eberron
Planewalker, Planescape
The Burnt World of Athas, Dark Sun
The Vaults of Pandius, Mystara
Dragonlance Nexus
Urbis, a world of cities
Sulerin with a great monster index
Frilond, including many rules and monster conversions
World of Farland, a world ruled by evil
Pathfinder Wiki, Golarion

In Memoriam (Apparently Dead or Inactive Links)
Treasure Tables (on permanent hiatus)
RPG Montreal
McGill Gamers' Guild
Yet Another Forgotten Realms Page
Project Silverymoon
Worldwide Adventure Writing Month