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Lectures at TTh 11:30AM-12:45PM in 4M39

Dr. Andrew Frey
a dot frey at uwinnipeg dot ca

Office Hours M 10:45-11:45AM or by appointment

Course Outline (homework policy revised on 10 Jan 2012)

This is the course homepage for PHYS-4601, Quantum Mechanics II.

I welcome feedback and comments on the course. If you're more comfortable commenting anonymously, leave me a note in my mailbox in the department office (3L00A).


In addition, some extra reading (from other texts, journal articles, etc) may be assigned.

Important Dates

Reading Schedule

Reading assignments will be posted on the course web page each week. You are responsible for keeping up with the reading; material covered in the reading will not necessarily be discussed in the class lectures but may be included in tests. If you click the topic title, you'll get a scanned copy of my lecture notes.

Dates Topic Reading
8-15 SeptReview of Basic QM Griffiths §1.1-5; §2.1
20-22 SeptPostulates & Linear Algebra Griffiths §3.1-3; if needed also §A.1-6
22 Sept - 4 OctDirac Notation Griffiths §3.4,6; optionally, Shankar chapter 1
6-11 OctHeisenberg Uncertainty PrincipleGriffiths §1.6 & 3.5
11-13 OctTime Dependence Griffiths §3.5; optionally Shankar § 4.3
13-20 Oct1D QM (Free Particle & Delta-Function Potential) Griffiths §2.4-5
25 Oct1D QM (Square Wells) Griffiths §2.2,6
3-8 Nov1D QM (Harmonic Oscillator) Griffiths §2.3
10-15 Nov3D QM (States & Schrodinger Eqn) Griffiths §4.1
15-17 Nov3D QM (Angular Momentum I) Griffiths §4.1,3
22-29 Nov3D QM (Angular Momentum II) Griffiths §4.1,3,4
5-10 Jan3D QM (Angular Momentum III) Griffiths §4.4
10-12 Jan3D QM (Hydrogen) Griffiths §4.2
12-19 Jan3D QM (Multiple Particles) Griffiths §5.1,2
19-24 JanInterpretation of QM Griffiths §12.1,2,4
2-7 FebIntro to Solid State Physics Griffiths §5.3
9-28 FebPerturbation Theory (Time-Independent), addendum Griffiths §6.1-5
28 Feb - 1 MarPerturbation Theory (Time-Dependent)Griffiths §9.1,2
1-6 MarVariational Principle Griffiths §7.1-2
8-15 MarWKB Approximation Griffiths §8.1-3
15-27 MarFeynman Path Integrals No Reading
27 Mar - 3 AprRelativistic Quantum MechanicsGriffiths Elementary Particle text §7.1-2

Homework Assignments


Please see the course outline for the official statement of homework policies, and there will be a revised course outline with new homework policies distributed in January. The following are guidelines for the fall:

Student Homework Presentations

When homeworks are assigned on Thursday, a student will be assigned to present each problem for a few minutes the following Tuesday. The presentation does not need to be a complete solution, merely some thoughts about the problem and an indication of how to proceed. A demonstration of effort will earn full participation credit (see the course outline). If you are presenting on Tuesday and need advice, please come by office hours on Monday or otherwise contact me.

Homework Sets

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