2018-19 courses

ENV-1600/3-001 Human Environmental Interactions, Fall, Mon & Wed, 2:30 - 3:45 pm
The course deals with various topics illustrating the complexity and diversity of environmental issues. A central theme is the need to understand natural processes in the environment as a means of assessing human impact. Another important theme relates to the interconnections among ecological, social and economic systems. Topics covered reflect current environmental concerns, including human population growth, climate change, water quality, energy resources, deforestation, and urban environmental stresses. The course also touches on recent conceptual, policy and management responses to environmental problems and challenges. Canadian examples are used throughout the course to illustrate the concepts, problems and solutions discussed.

ENV-3035/3-050 Law and the Environment, Fall, Wed, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
This course provides an introduction to Canadian environmental law, including common law and statutory regimes. Topics include endangered species, air, water and waste management, toxic pollutants, contaminated land, resource development, the division of constitutional powers, regulatory approaches, environmental assessment, monitoring and enforcement, and environmental torts. The socio-economic, political, and scientific backgrounds of environmental problems are also considered. Current Canadian examples are used to illustrate the concepts, problems and solutions discussed.