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Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students

The above excellent website was created by Sam Chester, a cybersecurity expert who has written a complete guide related to children's protection on-line.

Cybersecurity Threats for Students
& How to Fight Them

This website explains some common digital threats students may face and provides online safety tips. Thank you to Lily Mayer, writer and blogger, for this suggestion.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying With Technology

This resource gives information on what cyberbullying is and who is at risk. It delves into how artificial intelligence can help combat cyberbullying, and provides tips and additional resources for educators, parents, and students to learn more. 

This site suggested by Brian Poles

Top Tips for Preventing Cyberbullying

This resource includes:

*What constitutes bullying
*Different types of bullying
*Who cyberbullies, and why?
*The signs of cyberbullying
*The dangers of cyberbullying

Thank you to Ramya Murugesh, from Marketing at Sunshine Behavioral Health in California.


Cyberbullying: What is It and How to Prevent It

Purdue Global has published this cyberbullying resource
- suggested by Billy Adams


The 14 Apps and Social Media Sites
Parents Need to be Aware Of

A special thank you to Alison Maxwell for this suggestion.


Life-Changing Guide to Protect Your Children
on Their Smartphone

This guide will help parents/guardians to keep children safe when using their phones. It was developed by James Burns, a networking expert and editor at


The Screen Time Diet:
Helping Your Teen Find a Balance with Tech

This site provides useful tips and advice on healthy gadget use, alternative tech for learning, creativity and discovery, and how parents can encourage a balanced screen time ‘diet’ with their teens.

Thank you to Olivia Miller, digital strategist of My Tutor, for the above suggestion.


Cyberbullying Statistics

Suggested by VPN Compass's Heidi Finigan, Content Manager


Healthy Digital Citizens

Created as a guide to help parents and educators talk to kids about important topics like Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, and Screen Time. Thank you to Brett Campbell of The Tennis Department for suggesting this site.

Guide to Bullying Awareness and Prevention

Information and lists of valuable resources on bullying awareness for youth - suggested by Nicole Cowart of EssayonTime.


How to Keeps Kids and Teens Safe On-line

Kristy Clarke, of, wrote this new guide was because, as she said, "I found my son talking in an in-game chat room, something I wasn't aware could happen until I discovered it myself."

How to keep Children Safe Online (HomeSage)

Co-founded and suggested by Wes Parker, this British site deals with how to choose the best new boiler for your home, but so much more.

Parents' Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids

Suggested by Olivia Esperanzo, a parent who came across this website that aims to ensure a healthy balance between Internet use and your children’s online privacy and digital security.

Internet Smarts: Surfing and Shopping Safely Online

Found and suggested by Sarah, a student of LouAnne Taylor, library media specialist who founded and maintains in Wyoming.


The next six sites were suggested by Tanya Lee, whose brother has endured years of bullying, so she knows of what she speaks:


Online Safety Tips for Kids & Parents

The above really comprehensive website is published by Stacy Johnna, who is the editor of Best Reviews List.

Cyberbullying: The Full Guide For Parents, Children & Schools

The above comprehensive article courtesy of Emily Fletcher


Cyberbullying Facts, Statistics and Prevention

This site will help parents to know what is cyberbullying and what should be done when a teen is bullied.

Suggested by Ben Hartwig, Web Operations Executive of  InfoTracer



The next two sites were suggested by Sarah Bass who is learning investigative skills that will help her spot problems and vulnerabilities in the cyber world as part of her efforts to acquire her Girl Scouts Junior Cybersecurity Badge. Thank you, Sarah, and thank you to the troop leader who encourages this kind of understanding!

Website and Social Media Safety Tips

A Guide to Digital Citizenship and Cyber-Laws


The Parents' Guide to Internet Safety, Security and Screen Time for Kids

The above comprehensive website courtesy of Michael Ho

Bullying in Schools:
The Impact on Children and How You Can Help

The above website suggested by Ashley Higgs of

University of Southern California's
Rossier School of Education's
Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans

A collection of four lessons and classroom activities focusing on social-emotional wellness as a tool for combating bullying in and out of the classroom. Created by the online MAT program of the University of Southern California.
Recommended by Ted Lindblom

Cyberbullying: The Definitive Guide for Educators, Parents, and Family Members

One of our greatest fears as parents is someone harming our children in some way, and unfortunately, the internet opens up a new outlet for bullies. This is a comprehensive guide for parents concerned about cyberbullying.

Critical Cyberbullying Statistics

This guide features how cyberbullying:

  • has become a growing problem,

  • how it can affect kids and adults,

  • how it can lead to mental health-related and other problems

Suggested by Sarah Anderson, Outreach Manager of


An American Legal Firm's Guide to Cyberbullying Laws

This guide, according to the Lake Jennings Boy Scout Troop 325 and John Frazier, membership chairman of the Troop, has information about laws dealing with online harassment. There are many links within the site to help people understand cyberbullying and how / why it has become such a big problem.

I thank this Troop and Mr. Frazier for their contribution to this page.


Protecting Yourself From Cybercriminals

This website is a great place to discover how to protect yourself online, prevent cyberbullying and cybercrime.

It was suggested by Kelly Ackford who was passing on this tip from one of his students, Amelia. Thank you!


Teaching Kids About Internet Safety

Keeping Children Safe Online

-Updated for 2020

(If you have concerns about cyberbullying, this is a great resource. Thanks to Jenny Grahams for giving me the link to this site.)

A Life-Changing Parent’s Guide For Their Kids Online Safety

(The above almost 6000 word guide was put together by Sandra Anders who reached out to over 100 professionals to glean advice on how parents can keep their kids safe from digital threats)    

A Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online

(This easy-to-read guide will bring you up-to-date with the latest fads and services online with an emphasis on helpful child safety tips. Thank you to Claire Meyer who created this site.)

Cyber Security:
Using a VPN Beginner's Guide

A really thorough guide relating to VPNs and online privacy. Thank you to Grace Howard for the tip!

A Comprehensive Computer Safety & Security Guide

Computer Safety and Security

Smartphone and Social Media Safety

If you are currently considering getting your child a smartphone, but you have concerns, this is a good site to explore.

The two sites above were suggested by Ben Gould and his helper Kelly of the Putnam Library.

How to Secure Your Digital Life in 2021

Shows steps consumers can take to protect their digital information - suggested by Allegra Balmadier - Digital PR, 2U Inc.


What to do if you find your e-mail address(es) has/have been compromised and how to create strong passwords - suggested by Stephen Mash (

How Parents and Educators Can Protect Children’s Online Privacy

Parents and educators can help protect children’s digital privacy and empower them to practice online safety. Site suggested by Jesse Robinson on behalf of the informational website, Online Master of Legal Studies Programs


Teacher Resources for Social-Emotional
Development in Children

This is a list of resources to help teachers and educational leaders implement social-emotional academic development which will be of benefit to parents as well.

Thank you to Cooper Scott of Concordia University in Portland, Oregon for this resource.


Cyberbullying: A Resource for School Social Workers

This in-depth resource explains the psychological, emotional, and social effects of cyberbullying, and how school social workers can address cyberbullying at their school(s) and in their community.

Thank you to Jesse Robertson of Online Masters of Socialwork for the above suggestion.


The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet (Updated for August 2020)

This is a site estblished by a group of cybersecurity experts and parents to create a guide, updated for August 2020, containing all the steps you can take to protect your child from Sexual predators, Cyberbullying, Mobile phone addiction, and hurtful content.

Thanks to Nicole Frank for suggesting this site.


Thank you to Jenny Wise for these five suggestions above. Her website


How Much Privacy Do You Have Online?

The University of Dayton has recently published a resource titled "How Much Privacy Do You Have Online?" The resource shares definitions on what classifies as privacy and personal information, ways to take charge of personal privacy online, and information on digital privacy regulations for the future.

Thank you to Matt Wattel who works with the University of Dayton's School of Law online programs for the above website suggestion.


List of Top Helpful Anti-Bullying Resources
For College Students

Suggested by David Kidwell, freelance writer



A Complete Password Security Guide

This guide gives you information about everything to do with passwords, how they can be compromised and how people can keep themselves (relatively) secure. Thanks to James Retzlaf, Chief Editor of for this link.

Other Cyberbullying Links

Thank you to those who have made suggestions!