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September 7, 2022


Articles & Links to Cyberbullying Materials & Privacy

Sample Course
Taught at
Creative Retirement Manitoba:

Digital Citizenship

Ed. Philosophies

Tech. Skepticism

For Health::

The 116 Years Club


Computer Basics:
Dealing with Tec.
Parenting in a Wired World
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Courses Previously Taught at U of W:
Integrating Tech
Service Learning

Educational Humour:
Humour in

Picture of Allan AppelA very accurate caricature of Appel  

Hi. My name is Allan Appel. I have been a teacher / instructor in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who is very passionate about education, the use of technology in schools, and about service to the community. I have had a teaching career, in the public school system and at the University of Winnipeg, which spanned forty-three years.

I have taught subjects to do with technology for Creative Retirement Learning Centre and for the Portsmouth Retirement Home residents.

Feel free to check out the last course outlines for which I was responsible concerning the integration of technology into classrooms (Integrating Tech) and the service learning course which I helped create and taught (Service Learning). Also, you can see which lessons I have taught at the Portsmouth Retirement Home and at other places since retirement by going here.

Please note the very helpful websites concerning bullying in the virtual environment in which kids spend so much of their lives. I very much appreciate the caring people who made suggestions for these sites.

I also can be found on the web at:

Facebook Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allan.appel.5
Twitter Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllanAppel1

E-mail: aappel_esq@hotmail.com